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We go beyond our ways so we can help spark a change in the lives of many. Thus, we provide opportunities for you to ignite your spiritual growth through the following services:

Christian Ministries

Join us as we tread the path woven by His grace.

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Christian Music

Listen to His words and teachings through music.

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Prophetic Impartations Audio

Seek spiritual growth and change. Let us guide you to Him.

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Online Shop

We seek to help empower individuals through His divine gospel.

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Learn more about our services, programs, and outreaches.

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Live with Faith Our Mission Statement

We seek to bless those who are lost with the gospel of Christ, so they can enrich their spiritual growth and, in turn, inspire multitudes of believers to live a faith-based life. We venture towards His righteous path by continually helping others through our humanitarian missions.

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Be the Change Join the Campaign

Join Shola Adedeji Ministries in our mission to spread His teachings. Help us transform the lives of many by letting faith guide you towards the righteous path.

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Change Starts with You How YOU Can Take Action

Be the voice that can spark change and spiritual growth. Your role is much greater than what you see. Make a difference today by taking action.

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